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As you may be aware, FOGL subsidizes the cost of having a professional filmer at the games who in turn provides the film directly to the coaches via the HUDL program within hours of the game.  In the past, the filming has been done by an injured player or a manager and the quality of the film was marginal at best.

All of the filming is done again this year by Randy Kessler of GKess Films.  Randy and his son film games for BU Men’s Lacrosse, Wesleyan Men’s Lacrosse, Loomis Chaffee lacrosse and others.  His website is:  http://www.gkessfilms.com/

The HD quality film is available to any family that is interested in purchasing the entire season of HD film - all of the scrimmages and all of games - for only $75.00.  This will give you access to all the video on a secure site – you will be given the password for each game film.  From there you can watch the video on the site, or download it to your computer and/or share the film with anyone you choose – a great way to share with aunts, uncles and other relatives who live far away. 

By downloading the film, you can use it for highlight films for your son – a critical part of the recruiting process.  If you purchase the film, Randy will also prepare a highlight film for your son for $199.00 – which is a great price for this work – which can be very tedious.

CLICK ON THE LINK HERE TO PURCHASE:  http://assn.la/Reg/?r=3:113515

If you are interested in purchasing the HD Video for the entire season, please contact Seth at or 860-841-5529.  If you purchase the film and wish to contact Randy to discuss a possible highlight film, you can reach him directly at: